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Welcome players to "Find Me & Design Me" Search for the up to $1000 dollar Design-Our-Fashion scratch/scan & win game! This absolutely frees scratch/scan & win game card is a pre-amped promotion featuring our amateur fashion design mini challenges.In these mini challenges, selected finalists and their entries could be featured in an article in our much anticipated fashion enthused magazine debuting early 2013. Participants can also earn free shopping points by visiting our Design-Our-Fashion page for more details.

How to Play:
Scratch the play area on your game card to reveal the hidden prize, if you see a scan accompanied by a prize, you must scan and activate the game card for a chance to win your prize shown (or visit If your see a hidden prize that reads winner accompanied by a prize, then you are an instant winner for that prize revealed on your game card (no activation is required for instant winners).For prize redemption information see contest rules.

Fill out the following information to activate your game card for entry in our weekly drawings.If you are selected as the winner, you will win the prize shown on your game card.Winning entries will be selected every Tuesday and Friday until contest closure date by 5pm Est. (see contest rules for full details).
Only one activation is required and allowed per game card!

Please enter the following information to register your game card:

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Retain your 2012 non- winning game cards and there just might be a free gift waiting for those who do in 2013


Prizes for scratch/scan
and win game cards
  • $1,000 cash
  • $500 cash
  • $250 cash
  • $100 cash
  • $50 cash
  • $25 gift cash
  • Free Design-Our-Fashionkit
  • 2013's promotional "Key-Tee"
  • A surprise promotional gift
  • 2 tickets to 2013's Fashion
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